Wednesday, 16 December 2009

List of Things That Happen When I'm Sleep Deprived.

  • All my senses seem weird and sharper and numbed at the same time, sound seems scartchy and things look weird
  • I talk balls and mix words up and make no sense
  • I go into dazes and am completely oblivious to everything around me
  • I can hear blood pumping in my ears =/
  • My eyes sting
  • I see shapes out of the corners of my eyes and freak out
  • When I turn my head I can hear something creaking =/
  • I come up with awesome ideas
  • I have even less coordination than general
  • I forget EVERYTHING
  • I confuse people, and mix people up in my head and don't recognise people/think they're other people =/
  • Constant deja vu
  • I make lists of pointless things like this when I have a mountain of work to do
  • Everything seems like this =/

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